Those interested in health and diet food, we can provide full board in the form of 5 tasty meals a day delivered by a caterer in the morning 4WIN by her lowest prices increased by 1 per day.
The package is delivered to the front desk before 7.30 in the package that provides all-day freshness.
Packages can be 1200, 1500 or 2000 kcal.
To take advantage of this first request at the reception two days earlier, along with a fee.
Shortest possible to order series is 2 days.

Price for package for 1 day is as follows:

  • Package 1200 kcal – 50 zł
  • Package 1500 kcal – 55 zł
  • Package 2000 kcal – 60 zł

ATTENTION !!! Diet is sold and delivered in a twenty-four hour packages after 5 meals. There is no possibility of individual meals such orders. Dinner.
Meals are proven, very tasty and effective diet !!!
Details of meals can be found on the company providing the